Virgin Mobile Canada

As part of a refresh of their existing retail network, Virgin Mobile Canada was looking to more clearly reflect the brand's playful, and irreverent personality for young, savvy shoppers. For kiosks across Canada, they wanted to highlight the most powerful differentiator of the brand, their member benefits.

Inspired by the spontaneous and authentic qualities of the Virgin brand, figure3 believed there needed to be more compelling interactivity for the shopper against the monotony of the mall landscape. Introducing a feature window as part of the kiosk redesign to creatively maximize the given space, it acted as an inspirational intercept to engage customers. This brought the Virgin Mobile “VIP” membership benefits to life through curated ‘window displays’ and integrated digital messaging.

Rotate Your Device

The overall layout of the kiosks is designed to make the customer journey easier and providing a frictionless experience when browsing and selecting services, devices and accessories. The journey allows for both a full-service and self-service experience where customers are given the freedom to explore independently or with the help of a sales associate. All devices are grouped together in a product bar where easy price and spec comparisons can take place. Customers can dive deeper into product offerings through a self-serve tablet or get one-on-one consultations at the ‘Virgin Bar’ with an associate.

Rotate Your Device