La Maison Simons Galeries D'Anjou

The Simons experience – a total immersion into an exploratory environment of art, beauty and fashion needs to be captured in every LA Maison Simons store.

The Anjou concept was a renewal of the award-winning Simons West Edmonton Mall location that figure3 designed, modified to reflect the demographic and regional preferences of the East Montreal shopper. Since each location is viewed as a flagship, the 115,000 square foot Anjou store (located in east Montreal, away from the metropolitan centre of the city), needed to offer the same level of experience that customers expect from Simons.

La Maison Simons store entrance with Simons sign and green walls

The Big Idea

Rotate Your Device La Maison Simons Twik light up sign and patterned flooring in pink, grey, and orange

For the “Twik” and “Djab” departments, for young women and men in their late teens to mid-20’s respectively, figure3 created an eclectic and very unique experience. For this generation that prefers feedback from their peers more than sales staff, the fitting rooms were designed to be a social experience. Here, shoppers could engage and discuss with each other in a comfortable setting, to ultimately help make buying decisions easier. The Photostar photo booth was also set up for shoppers to share their new style explorations instantly to social media (for even more feedback), all as part of their La Maison fitting room experience.

These specific areas with built-in “touch points” for shoppers to discover and enjoy (also including the video game station in the Djab department, mezzanine rec room, valet fitting rooms and mini lounge areas), were critical to providing an immersive shopping experience.

Rotate Your Device La Maison Simons fitting room with patterned curtains and floor in purple, pink, and orange
Rotate Your Device La Maison Simons men's manequins across from coffee bar with wood paneling, bar, and tables

The café concept created for the men’s department was also piloted at this location and proved to be a huge success, becoming a brand staple for all of their subsequent stores.