CONCEPT Yorkdale

Oxford Properties identified an opportunity in its network of retail properties to enhance the customer experience in its malls by bridging the gap between click and brick.

With that in mind, we designed a pop-up retail space that facilitates maximum flexibility while allowing the space to transform quickly and easily to accommodate a variety of product offerings. This keeps it fresh and creates a reason for shoppers to keep coming back to see what’s new.

Concept Yorkdale mall entrance with Concept sign and purple lighting

Pop-up retail touches down in Yorkdale

Rotate Your Device Concept Yorkdale window with clothing in store behind

A high degree of visibility piques the curiosity of passing shoppers

More than a pop-up store, it’s an entirely new retail concept – a permanent space devoted to new thinking, designed as an ever-evolving showcase of new tastes, trends, and technology.

A perfect testing ground, it creates a place for innovators to develop or experiment, and to preview or launch – and introduce consumers to new possibilities.

Rotate Your Device Concept Yorkdale interior with mannequins and racks of clothing

The constantly evolving space encourages shoppers to keep on coming back

Rotate Your Device Concept Yorkdale accessories table with shoppers and salespeople

Food, fashion, technology...CONCEPT is designed to seamlessly play host to them all

"Retail isn't dead, boring retail is. The pop-up retail format is a really exciting opportunity for all kinds of brands to explore, especially those going from clicks to bricks for the first time."
Mardi Najafi
Portrait of Mardi Najafi